Hi there - I'm a recovering teacher, writer and adventurous hermit

This is where I show off

About Me

I'm an adventurous hermit, a pessimistic optimist and am finding what it means to be me after leaving teaching behind. I am passionate about learning new things, failing at them, and then figuring them out. I know some things about web-development, about building bookshelves and keeping my car running all of these things are testament to my greatest skill - finding a way to keep going when there are small fires all around. That is to say, I'm a creative problem solver and I enjoy finding innovative ways to turn yesterday's dilemmas into today's elegant solutions.

My Services

I am talented with a pen, talented with curriculum design and talented at merging the two. Looking for someone to write lessons for you? Give me standards, an objective and I'll create it, with assessments to match! Looking for someone to rewrite that boring training manual that's been gathering dust or making your employees grumble? I'm your guy. Need someone to write an article for your blog that is informative and won't put the reader to sleep? That's me! I have experience using Articulate Rise, WordPress and classroom teaching, all of which could make me an ideal fit for your instructional design team. Hit my contact info below to get in touch!

“You can make anything by writing.”

C. S. Lewis